Free Flying!

When I arrived back in Vancouver, the cold icy breeze on my face, the tip of my nose a little rosy red in the December Winter; I knew I was starting a slow, but also immediate Goodbye with the city. I had fallen in love with Vancouver. My first year settling there was anything but ‘settling’… I had lost my closest dearest friend in my life, a week into the move from Australia. And after returning just three weeks later from the funeral, it was a time of grieving and healing. Not the easiest time to make new friends and find work in a completely different country! But Vancouver was good to me. It’s cherry blossoms and squirrels, it’s snow-capped mountains surrounding the city, Stanley Park, full of ancient trees and as I hoped being the hippie that I am, full of fairy spirits willing and able to grant wishes.

I knew in two months, February 2013, I would say goodbye to Vancouver and see my new love, Venice, for good.

I was planning to buy a car and drive down to Los Angeles on a road trip with my boxes of belongings. I sat, foot on the brake and turned the keys to a Volvo. It was in good condition, beautiful really, though I had also test drove a cheap and as I’m told, always reliable Toyota Corolla a day before. The phone rang, a beautiful friend and fellow-Aussie Actress, Kristie was calling. I kept my foot on the break and letting the car idle I answered her call.

“Would you like to come on a work trip with me, all-expenses paid, including flight, hotel, dinners, to Mexico next week?”

“Ahhh… can I get my return flight direct to LA?”


And so, just like that, out of the Universe, I had a free holiday to Mexico with an amazing friend, and a free flight to my new home! I could buy a less expensive car in California and not have to pay extra to import, PLUS I got to spend a week on holiday before my move! Perfect timing. I flew from Mexico to LA on the 26th February, the manifestation I had set in December had come to fruition!

Everything always works out when you ask for the best possible outcome for your dreams!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!


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