There’s something about Venice

I had visited Venice once before, two and a 1/2 years ago, my first time in Los Angeles… my first time on American soil in the USA. An Australian Actress, not too far out of Acting school, but far enough to know that Aussie TV auditions and chicken commercials were…just not enough. The Californian sun was out in Venice that first day, and the Broad-walk was crowded with shirtless tattooed rollerbladers, a ‘stripper’ dog, bearded Tarot readers and a cloud of herb smoke across the beach where a ‘drum circle’ ensures hippies and homeless can gather and dance… none of which is out of the ordinary for Venice.

I returned to Venice for the second time in December, 2012. I stepped out of the airport and made my way down to the famous crowded, character filled broadwalk. Ahhh, the sun, the warmth reaching through my clothes to glisten up my white winter skin. Living in Vancouver, Canada had given me more colds and coughs than I knew what to do with and this three week cough attack was suddenly not scratching at the back of my throat every 30 seconds! “Mmmm, I can breath” I thought, taking in the sound of the waves lapping against the sand and the volleyball being tossed back and forth between athletic hands.

I was in Venice, back in Los Angeles, for the first time, alone. And it felt right.

I took a nap in my hotel room that afternoon, a kind of exhaustion hit me and I felt strangely familiar with where I was at. I woke with the sun just going down and a child-like eagerness to attend my first Larry Moss class in the morning. After attempting to navigate my way to food in the evening sky, with the inhabitants of Venice beach-sleepers and vibrating base of beat-boxers on shoulders, I turned around and ordered Thai delivery from the comfort of my room. A man stood outside my window for quite some hours, I felt a whiff of compassion for him as he seemed to be waiting for someone who never showed. I guess it turns out there wasn’t much business to be made under the fluorescent light on Breeze Ave on a Sunday evening.

The sun rose and my alarm beeped! Monday morning, my first day of class! Larry Moss, a coach to the stars, was in town from New York for his final 4-day Intensive. I had applied late to ‘work’ (put up a scene) and so decided to fly down to audit instead.

I posted this on Facebook after day 1:

So yep, first day of acting coach Larry Moss’ 4 day intensive in LA… and I’m already an open wound…to put it bluntly. Why do I want to be an actor? To tell stories that mean something to me, to heal myself and the world through great stories! So why am I trying to get parts on shows that don’t tell these stories? To prove that I am an actor? Fuck it. I’m telling my own stories, the rest is a paycheck. Goodnight and good luck.”

Seemingly a little angst had risen in me by the end of that day. But a little angst can be good in inspiring and motivating change. It lights the fires we have not been tending to, it ignites of dreams we have long put out! And from there, I knew, Venice was calling me, Venice was a space for me to create the life I only dreamt of, Venice was my home.

Me at Venice Beach

Me at Venice Beach


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