Yes she Cannes!

A Feature Film I shot in South Africa in 2011 got it’s Premier in the Cannes Film Festival this year. I play the lead in the World War II epic, based on a true story of a young South African who volunteers for the RAF. I am the lead’s fiancée, Deborah Caldwell, a fiery woman of her time, a voice for the young men who lost their lives and the young women who were too often left alone, waiting and widowed.

I had met Chris Dos Santos, a young, motivated and highly skilled Writer/Director in LA one morning in 2010. I had woken up with a feeling, very direct and clear. “Get up, go to this Cafe (The Griddle in Hollywood) and you will meet someone for a film role.” A few hours later, outside the cafe after a much to big breakfast of stacked Pancakes, I met Chris. He was playing with his Canon 5D and we got talking about films and being foreigners to LA. We exchanged emails and shared reels online. Two months later he emailed me saying he wanted me to play the lead in his film and a few months after that I was flown to Johannesburg to shoot.

After taking it to the Film Market in Berlin, there was limited resources for this Independent Epic to bring any of the cast or crew to Cannes as well. A friend who also had a film in the market had set up her own fundraising campaign on a brilliant site called You Caring , it was different than some other fundraising sites as if you didn’t reach you exact goal, you still could use the money toward your cause. I only had one week to raise the finances to book a flight and get to the Festival before it was too late…

I pledged for $2000, $1700 for a return flight at that late a stage, and a few extra dollars to secure cheap accommodation and some food in my tummy! Exactly one week later I had $1700 in my account and another amount donated in Air miles! I booked the ticket and had 1 hour to pack and get to the airport!

I arrived one week ago today. The experience has been more than amazing. Unexpected, magical, blessed, supported by friends, family, strangers and the Divine!

If this is manifesting, I am truly excited to manifest! What does the next adventure bring?!

UK Model and Swimwear Designer, Kimberley Garner, and I at the Premier for Zulu in Cannes

UK Model and Swimwear Designer, Kimberley Garner, and I at the Premier for Zulu in Cannes


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