Kicking Fear Ninja Style (in the butt)!

Logically it would seem, one would always choose LOVE over FEAR, any day, right? So why, do I find myself choosing the scariest, anxiety-inducing, future-disaster-that-hasn’t-happened-yet, option? Am I even aware that I have options? Is it in my realm of past experiences to recall times in which things seem to be falling apart when in fact they were actually falling into place?

Well yes… in fact I can look back and see that to be true, and I can also even be grateful for all that I learned about myself in the process.

But how do I remind myself there’s another way when in the moment and fear seems to be overtaking my mind and emotions? I mean, really, what is this LOVE choice I keep hearing about? Can the real LOVE please stand up, please stand up, please stand up?

The thing that keeps me so ‘illogical’ in my choosing Fear over Love, is that it feels so gosh darn familiar. The Fear choice triggers something in me that I have come to know too well, and have actually tolerated for so long that I forgot another way… or gasp, never really knew about.

Fear to me is like that old senile relative that once got me so wound up that I would have no way out of not hearing every word, snark, negative comment on the trivialities of everyday life. But now, I’m so tired of their complaining and predicting the next end of the world catastrophe and self-diagnosing their every symptom into a major dis-ease, ugh! Enough!

So instead I began to tune them out. Although I could still hear the shrill drone in my ears, it was less audible, less clear. I started to hear simple things like the clink of my fork hitting my plate. I felt my feet on the ground, and I heard the intimate beating of my own heart. I tasted the delicious food on my tongue, I heard the laughter, and saw the smiling faces that sorrounded me.

Grumpy old Fear was just a soft (slightly annoying) mumble, background noise, nothing to get me all worked up or alarmed about. I began to sense a calmness, a peace that was unfamilar yet mesmerising, a still quiet voice, whispering to my heart in such a tone my worries and concerns ceased to exist.

It took some serious listening, some asking questions, some discernment, some stillness and finally a big leap of faith—


I heard Love call and so I kicked Fear, Ninja style in the butt!

Then I went to the park and played with butterflies and rainbows and ate cupcakes cause they taste like Love to me.

I’ll be on my guard, don’t you worry about that, no fear required… Love Ninja is here to kick some Fear in the butt as soon as it makes a peep! Love is badass yo!


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