“Our path to Self Healing is the path to Healing the World.

Healing Ourselves, Choosing Love – this is the Great Calling and it is an abundant, awe-inspiring, adventure to be on together!

How can we heal ourselves? How can we choose love or know that we are not choosing it?

How can we re-connect to Ourselves and the Divine Love that creates life and all things?

How can we create an EARTH full of love, abundance, peace and total joy with each other and the PLANET!?

What would you like to shift in your Own Life, Your Own consciousness, Your Thinking, and the World Around You?

Dare to take the Journey of LOVE with me.”

Breath work Healing Session
(Breath work uses a three-part breath to take the mind, body and spirit into a deep meditation, releasing emotional and physical dis-eases and raising the vibration of the Spirit to its natural state; connection with the Divine Spirit within)
1 Hour: $125
1 1/2 Hours: $150
Bars Energy Healing Session
(Bars is a gentle hands-on body process which releases stuck energies from the body and etheric bodies to allow for more emotional, mental, spiritual and physical freedom in ones life . One may leave feeling they have had a beautiful head massage, but soon learn their whole life just changed for the better!)
1 Hour: $125
1 1/2 Hours: $150
Combined Bars and Breath work
(A chance to go really deep in your healing using both gentle and effective modalities of the breath and energy) 
2 Hours Total: $200
(An ancient Chinese deep foot massage which releases toxins and ailments from the body. It not only feels amazing but can prevent, relieve and cure many dis-eases! A great add on to complete and ground you after a powerful healing session!)
1/2 Hour: $35

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